"Custom Kicks" Client

As one of the top brands in the DIY shoe customization industry, this past client sells a range of physical products that do everything from restoring & refurbishing your sneakers to cleaning & protecting them. By the time I started working with "Custom Kicks" they already had a well-established presence in their industry with brand awareness and an organically growing YouTube audience.


Search Campaigns

The search campaigns I created for "Custom Kicks" were extremely effective with a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and low Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Overall, the search campaigns generated $734,000 of revenue over 10-months.

Branding Campaigns: From 9/1/17 to 6/30/18, "Custom Kicks" spent $3,176.09 on branded keywords for an average daily budget of $10.48. The branding campaign received 71,302 clicks on an average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 37.02% at an average CPC of $0.04. Overall, the branding campaign generated $357,786.57 in revenue ($1,205.63 avg. per day) for an ROI of $112.65 for every dollar spent. 

Top Product Category: During the same 10-month range, "Custom Kicks" spent $12,299.56 on keywords related to their top product category for an average daily budget of $40.59. These campaigns received 93,409 clicks on an average CTR of 20.04%  at an average CPC of $0.13. Overall, their top product category campaigns generated $375,140.15 in revenue ($1,238.09 avg. per day) for an ROI of $30.50 for every dollar spent.


Shopping Campaigns

In November 2017, I began setting up shopping campaigns for "Custom Kicks." While they weren't nearly as profitable as the search campaigns, we thought it was important branding for the client to have shopping cards showing in search results on Google.

From 12/1/17 - 6/30/18, "Custom Kicks" spent $800.85 on shopping campaigns for an average daily spend of $3.77. The shopping campaigns received 2,340 clicks at an average CPC of $0.26.

Overall, the shopping campaigns generated 137 conversions at an average cost per conversion of $2.33. In addition to the conversions, the shopping campaigns were able to provide us with new keywords to use in search campaigns based on the search term reports.


Video campaigns

Towards the end of 2017 "Custom Kicks" decided they wanted to supplement the organic growth of their YouTube channel with some paid video campaigns. The goal was to use Google's YouTube Video campaigns to increase their subscriber count as well as increase the view count of new videos.

From 11/1/17 - 6/30/18 the paid video campaigns received 308,882 total views (1,282 daily views on average), 2,800 new subscribers, and 3,340 YouTube likes all on a average daily spend of $63.66. Of the total views, 36.2% of paid views (111,935) came in the final month, once I was able to reduce the average Cost-Per-View (CPV) from $0.09 to $0.03.

Towards the end of of 2017 "Custom Kicks" was averaging nearly 75 new subscribers and 7,989 views per day. Those numbers began to skyrocket in 2018 including these monthly averages:

  • May = 333 daily subscribers / 21,471 daily views

  • June = 446 daily subscribers / 29,795 daily views

  • July = 656 daily subscribers / 36,692 daily views

At the time we started running video campaigns at the end of 2017 their channel had over 130,000 subscribers and nearly 7.5 million views on YouTube. In early July 2018 their channel had over 190,000 subscribers and over 11.1 million views.