"New Construction Condos" Client

In early 2019, We were hired to create and manage a Google Ads campaign for a collection of 10-new construction luxury homes in Culver City, California. The 3-month project ran from 4/11/19-7/11/19 with the goal of generating leads for their interest list.


Search Campaigns

Branding Campaigns: Since the homes were new construction, we didn’t want to miss any potential buyers who might search for property information after driving by. So we created a locally targeted search campaign that focused on branded keywords.

The branded campaign received 162 clicks on an average CTR of 48.07% at an average CPC of $0.50. Overall, the branded campaign spent $80.62, which generated 35 conversions (11 Contact Form, 16 Interest List sign ups, and 8 phone calls) for a 15.70% Conversion Rate.

Non-Branded Results: In addition to the branded campaign, we setup two additional search campaigns focusing on relevant search terms people search when looking for a new home. One of the campaigns targeted the greater Los Angeles area and included anyone searching for a new home in “Culver City.” The other campaign targeted affluent areas of Los Angeles and included general real estate keywords.

Combined, these campaigns received 599 clicks on an average CTR of 8.34% at an average CPC of $2.71. Overall, the non-branded campaigns spent $1,621.70, which generated 55 conversions (20 Contact Form, 27 Interest List sign ups, and 8 phone calls) for a 9.87% Conversion Rate.


Display Campaigns

After letting the Search Campaigns run for a few weeks, we setup a Display Remarketing campaign to re-target anyone who had visited the clients website recently.

The Display Remarketing campaign received 1,532 clicks at an average CPC of $0.23. Overall, the Display campaign spent $355.82, which generated 29 conversions (9 Contact Form, 15 Interest List sign ups, and 5 phone calls) for a 2.16% Conversion Rate.


Overall Results

By the end of the campaign the client was happy with the leads the Google Ads Campaigns generated. When you combine the results from the Search and Display Campaigns, Google Ads accounted for 119 lead conversions for a Cost-Per-Conversion of $17.30. Compared to other traffic sources, the Paid Search had the highest conversion rate:

  • Paid Search = 11.55%

  • Organic Search = 9.61%

  • Direct Traffic = 9.23%

  • Social Media = 3.68%

  • Referral = 5.00%