The Organized Couple

Unlike my other past clients, The Organized Couple was my first service-based client. Instead of selling a physical product, the Organized Couple offer professional organization services from helping to unpack after a move to establishing optimal organization systems for your home.

Since the goal was to generate client leads for their professional organization services I created Google Search Campaigns that utilized Geo-Targeting to only show ads to clients within their local area.



Search Campaigns

Since they were just getting their business off of the ground, The Organized Couple needed to generate consistent leads with a low monthly budget. With confidence in his ability to sell their services over the phone, my client wanted to focused our lead generation efforts at driving phone calls to his business.

From 7/21/17 - 6/30/18, The Organized Couple spent $2,151.01 on Google Search Ads for an average daily budget of $6.24. These campaigns received 873 clicks in their local area on an average CTR of 2.94% at an average CPC of $0.52.

Over the course of the year, 53% of all clicks led to phone calls (462 of 873 clicks). During this date range The Organized Couple was able to land 16 clients for a total of $17,294.30 in revenue ($1,441.19 avg. per month) for an ROI of $8.04 for every dollar spent.

Not only were The Organized Couple able to land clients from these campaigns, but they have also reported landing additional clients through referrals from clients they originally landed through the Google Ad Campaigns.


We spent a lot of time and money advertising on sites like Houzz, Yelp and Angies list, where we thought customers were looking for services like ours. Unfortunately, after one full year of advertising on those sites we generated just one paying client. All the promises and claims of tens of thousands of views, impressions, etc. meant literally nothing when it cost us more to advertise than we were able to generate in sales.

Frustrated and fed up with not getting enough clients, we contacted Brad who quickly got us up and running on Google Ads. The impact was almost immediate, within a month we had our first client and it kept rolling from there. He targeted our local area, so we knew the leads would be coming from people we could actually service, and developed a list of quality keywords which ensured we were paying for the right people as they were actively looking for our service.

The greatest thing about these ads are that our ads only show when someone searches for our specific service in our local area, and we only pay if they click on our ad. It’s easy to quantify the results of these ads, so we’re never left wondering what we’re paying for. The clicks for our services within our area are pretty competitive so we were a little nervous at first, but after seeing how much our business grew, we can’t believe we waited as long as we did to start using Google Ads.

Brad has always been readily available to make changes and updates to our ads, and gave us a lot of recommendations to help us optimize our website and help us build our brand. Anytime we need advice for our digital marketing plan we will be sure to work with Brad again.
— The Organized Couple