Jobs — well done

New Construction Condos

In April 2019, a real estate company hired me to create/manage Google Ads Campaigns for their new construction luxury homes in Culver City, California. The goal was to generate an interest list before the properties hit the market.

With a total budget around $2,000, my Google Ad campaigns generated 119 leads in the 10-weeks before the new homes were listed for sale.


The Organized Couple

The Organized Couple, a husband and wife team of professional organizers, came to me when they were just starting their business. Their goal was to accelerate lead generation for their business via Google Ads.

With a small monthly budget of $180, my Google Ad campaigns generated $17,294.30 in revenue and helped The Organized Couple land 16 high-value clients over a 12-month period.


Custom Kicks

Over a two year period I managed the Google Ads campaigns for a client in the shoe customization industry. During this time, I wrote hundreds of Search Ads that combined to generate well over $1,000,000 in revenue.

I also created several video campaigns on YouTube that received 308,882 views, 3,340 likes, and 2,800 new subscribers in 8-months.


Lace 'em Up

This client has an online business selling a wide variety of shoe laces made from different materials in all sorts of color combinations. Over an 8-month timeframe, my Google Ad campaigns brought in $35,050.10 of revenue.


Are You Next?

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